Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Power of Tyler

well, i dont know if all you got the chance to read my earlier blog. But lets just say with the power I have, a small donation came in and helped. I removed my blog due to overwhelming response...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Londyn Dancing! OMG

she is the happiest baby ever! and the cutest!!!

Londyn Dancing

Monday, October 6, 2008

My sister Lindsay.....all she does is Spend Spend Spend!

your probabley wondering how are country got into this major credit crisis. No it wasn't George Bush's fault, no not obama's fault, no its not Mccain's Fault. I think my sister Lindsay has spent more and racked up more debt then all card holders of washington mutual put together.

everytime i call her she is somewhere spending, "Hi lindsay what are you doing", her responses? "I'm shopping at micheal's, I'm shopping at Wal-mart, I'm shopping at target, I'm shopping at smiths, I"m shopping at shopko, I'm gambling, I'm clubbing at the palms, I'm at McDonalds Play Place, I'm shopping at Dolce, I'm shopping on Rodeo Drive, I'm going to Celine's Concert.

I mean c'mon! I can barley scrape enough pennies together to go to cointstar to get a voucher for a gosh darn diet coke, but not lindsay, only pallets of pepsi for her delivered from her gold status at sams club and costco.

I drive a piece of shit ford focus, I call lindsay and she is down at Henderson Ford Looking at a GAs Guzzling ford f350.

What am I doing wrong? Why dont i have the funds that she seems to have endlessly?

And what really sent me over the edge is when she called me today, tyler what you making for dinner, I tell her, well Rebecca and I are making sandchiches, oh she says, Well dave and I are having rib eyes, followed by casey's famous sugar cookies. Then she has the GALL to ask me to go to her blog and view her cookies pictures. The NERVE of some people. Shop Shop Shop, spend spend spend. She does Boutiques and Delicatesans, I do dollar tree and tv dinners.

My sister lindsay.....

86 cats rescued from 2-bedroom condo, Lindsay?

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — A woman who had 86 cats living inside of Battlement Mesa apartment on Wednesday will not face any charges, according to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office.

All the cats are now at the Colorado Animal Rescue Shelter, where the staff is currently struggling to treat, clean and find new homes for all the shaken animals.

Tanny McGinnis, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office, said the department would not reveal the woman’s name or age since she has not been charged with any crimes.

She said sheriff’s deputies responded to the woman’s two-bedroom apartment in Battlement Mesa on Wednesday after she asked for assistance because she was moving and could not manage all the cats. There were no details about the woman’s current living situation.

Asked about the sanitary conditions the animal control officer found in the woman’s apartment, McGinnis simply described it as “unhealthy.” She added that the woman’s only thoughts were to “give stray cats a home” and that she eventually became overwhelmed with them.

Leslie Rockey, executive director of CARE, said Friday morning that the facility has been able to transfer five of the 86 cats to the Cat Care Society in Denver. CARE staff are also expected to send about 16 of their currently adoptable pets to two other programs in the Denver area to free space for the newly arrived cats.

“We are very thankful for help from the Denver area,” she said.

But Rockey added some of the cats are considerably more stressed Friday than they were on Thursday — about a day after they came to the shelter. She said many of the pets were still not eating and that some have intestinal problems.

When CARE staffers came into the shelter on Friday, they found that one of the cats was pregnant and had birthed some kittens that had died. Rockey said that two other cats are being sent to local veterinarians for additional treatment.

Contact Phillip Yates: 384-9117

Pictures Of Londyn

From Dead Asleep to Dead In My sleep

Its sunday night at 3:00 am. From my deep dark sleep my eyes instantly open. As soon as they opened i knew something was very very wrong. I had this intense pain in my back and my right side, shooting down my arm. I woke up and went to the bathroom while crawling along the floor. Rebecca knew something was wrong but didnt know what to do. After i went to the bathroom, the pain intensified. I felt as if someone was breaking my ribs slowly, snapping them in my agony. Then it felt as if my spine was snapping. I was sweating, crying, screaming. I reached for the wall and fell to the ground. I told rebecca to throw me my phone. I called my dad and Screamed "IM DYING THIS IS MY GOODBYE", i seriously thought something was taking my life. Never in my life had a felt a pain so intense. I looked around the room wondering when my angels were going to come take me to that big ol' place in the sky. My dad couldnt understand a word i was saying so i hung up on him and knew that i was on my own. I screamed blood murder at Rebecca, GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!!!!!! I crawled along the floor boards wondering why god was punishing me. I somehow made it to the car and we took off. We flew doing 75-80 on street roads, running red lights, i seriously was in so much pain i told her that i was going to die and i was telling londyn goodbye as well. When we got to the ER, i rushed in, scream at the nurse and was taken to the triage center. After being there ALL night and morning, they reazlized it was a kidney stone, they advised me the pain is worse then child birth, and that women have explanied that they have wanted to die during it. I never in ,y life had thought someone could feel pain like that, i honestly thought i was going to die. I always wondered how someone mus tbe so scared to die in a scary situation, but not i realize with pain so intense, its probabley a releif sometimes.