Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well my my my, have i been suprised. Ever thought someone was ur best friend? and then woke up to reality? Well i have this week. let me fill you guys in. My sissy Lindsay, whom i love and adore has always been there, but damn that girl, lately she is nowhere to be found. I had breaking news stories for the last two weeks from, despereate to share them with lindsay, even without those, i had news about londyn, myself, and my job, i called on lunch breaks, i called on dinner breaks, hell i called at two am. I called at seven i called at eight, i called when i was going to skate. But is just rang, rang, and rang. Shit i felt like the old bag in the mailbox movie. Into the second week of not hearing from her i called my mom, i go mother dear "where in the world is lindsay bean, i am worried sick, im about to get in my car and head to vegas", mother gail hen replied, "interesting, she has been calling me all day, in fact less then five mins ago i just talked to her, my blood started boiling and my ears ran red, i gently covered up my harsh wanting tone and said "thanks mother, im glad to hear she is still safe and sound", i hung the phone up, ran to the bedroom and picked up her picture, and screamed bloody murder "screw you, you *****" i calmed down, went to the telephone receiver and dialed lindsay, once again no reply. I said to myself, calm down, count to ten, i dialed once more, RINNNNNG RINNNNNNNNNNG RINNNNNNNNNNNG, one more ring till voicemail RINGGGGGGG, "Hello?", Lindsay answered. WHERE IN THE HELL have u been and why dont you answer your phone. Lindsay advised me she has been busy and the twilight series had taken over her life. I guess when ya have 3 kids to tend, and 4 kittie kennels, adn 5 new pups, you do get busy. "shit i was wondering if she was running a day care or a Petco". After we had an explosive fight, we kissed, and made up. I told her to strap the kitty kennels on her car and meet me in beaver, utah for a frosty. So this is just a little advice to you all, you mess with ty ty, and ill sick my bogger fans on ya! Love ya lins!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


have u ever had to deal with the worst disease eveR? omg, let me tell you about my battle with ocd. it started when i was ten, i use to have to check on everyone to make sure they were breathing, one night i was checking on my mom, i couldnt hear her so i leaned in closer and closer, she opened her eyes and screamed "******" theres a ghost", she immediatley wet to bed. and had to put on a depend. i said that i thought i heard her yelling my name to defend myself, she screamed and said at two am? At later years in my life it came worse and more self destructive. my latest battle with ocd keeps me up all night, some people have to check the door knobs, some check the oven, the devil has tormented me with wearing and tapping my high heels together 500 times each hour in the kitchen from five am to 10 am monday thru friday. and as the month goes on the heels have to get higher and higher and i have to say theres no place like home. when will this torment end?

its an up HEEL battle.