Sunday, September 7, 2008

Stilettos, Pots and Peir One

Dear Fans, Family, and Peasants...
omg omg omg, what a week. I had the most embarassing situation eveR! Well as you all know Rebecca, well she is a senior VP at Pier One (sales clerk), anyways, all her co workers had inquired about me. They had heard so much but yet knew so little. So i agree to make an appearance there yesterday. After going in, i was greeted with death stares and x ray vision it seeemed like. I started sweating and found the biggest damn pot to hide behind. After leaving the store, rebecca told me that they had seen me before, i was suprised and asked where in the world would they have seen me before at? She advised me that they were fans of my myspace. my jaw hit the ground after realizing i had jokingly put on my myspace that as my status i was wearing a red leather mini skirt on my page, and days earlier had put i work 6 inch heels to work. not to mention my blogs. No wonder they looked me up and down like a tranny on 1200 south and state street. I sunk into my seat and peeled out, sending gravel everywhere. These 6 inch heels wont be going near there anytime soon.